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Data Backup

Prior to any repair it is important that all data be backed up. It can be backed up to your favorite online backup service, local external drive, or CD/DVD disks. We will be happy to backup your data using your preferred method.


Virus, Spyware, Malware, and Trojan Removal and Prevention

90% of our calls are for a Virus, Spyware, Malware, or Trojan removal. It takes experience to remove them completely and to prevent them in the future.

Is your computer acting funny like frequently restarting, getting re-directed to a different web page, a popup showing you that you need to purchase something, etc. These are just a few common symptoms of a virus, spyware, malware, or trojan.

We will clean your computer with a combination of scanning and manual removal. We will also setup your PC to prevent problems from occurring in the future.


Error Messages

There are many reasons to get errors such as Blue Screen of Death, Application Errors, Boot Errors, etc. The error on the screen does not always explain the cause of the error. 

Windows Install

Windows may need to be reinstalled, upgraded, installed on a  2nd partition or installed on a new computer. We will gladly install and configure windows as well as transfer files.


PC Cleanup

Is your PC slow to boot up? Is your browser slow to respond? Is your PC slowing down. This could be due to programs running in the background, too little memory, bad registry, etc. We can clean your PC to speed it up.


Mobile Device Configuration

Mobile devices have different setup requirements than PCs in order to optimize privacy, security, notifications, battery life, etc. Every email service has different configuration. We can configure your Mobile Device for optimized performance.


Wireless Router Configuration

Wireless Modems have many different configuration settings including security, wireless setup, router setup, etc. It is important to setup the wireless router to protect your computer.


Hardware Upgrades

Need to upgrade your hard drive, memory, power supply, etc to replace a failed component or to improve performance. We can upgrade all aspects of your system.


Custom PC

Many applications require a custom built PC from low-end general purpose PC to high-end multi-media editing PC. We can design and build your custom PC using tradeoffs between cost and performance. 

All Other Fixes

 For all other inquiries, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (404) 386-0651

Optional 1 Year Support Service

We can provide on-site software support services for an entire year for one low price.


Remote Support

We use a professional remote support tool which allows remote control of your PC and can be disabled by the customer at any time during the service.

Are you experiencing PC issues that require an urgent fix?